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BAMLab – Brussels Art Markets Laboratory

Mission statement

The BAMLab is a Brussels-based research group dedicated to the study of the art markets. Building upon the pioneering research conducted in the field of cultural economics at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), the BAMLab analyzes the market for artworks and cultural goods by combining different methodologies, profiles of researchers and approaches to get a holistic view of the art-market complex ecosystem. Based at the ULB, the local team of researchers meet on a regular basis to discuss on-going research, monitor art market news, and organize events.

The BAMLab’s main missions are:

  • To study various aspects of the art markets
  • To participate in conferences and to publish the BAMLab’s research output in the best academic journals;
  • To hosts academic and open-to-the public events dedicated to the art markets;
  • To create bridges between academia and art market stakeholders;
  • To bring together researchers from various disciplines;
  • To raise fundings for developing collaborative research projects on the art markets;
  • To contribute to establishing art market studies as a fully-fledged discipline.

Mis à jour le 10 mai 2024